3 Mindful Productivity Habits From Badass Women

A major motivation to continue working toward my goals is surrounding myself with other women doing the same. I do this in real life, but also absorb the successes and productivity of women I see online. Every badass woman I admire has her own work style, but they all approach success by working smarter, not harder. It’s about getting the most out of her efforts, not doing the same thing over and over with no results. Here are 3 simple and mindful productivity habits I’ve borrowed from badass women working smart.

Invest In Yourself


The first few minutes in the morning gives us a chance to set the tone for the rest of the day. I used to wake up, roll over, scroll through Instagram, and go on autopilot as I went through my mental to-do list. I’ve taken a page from life coach and entrepreneur Marie Forleo to invest in a morning routine that makes me feel more in control of the rest of the day. For me, that looks like some green tea and 10 minutes of meditation and a mantra. If you follow Marie, you know her morning routine is non-negotiable because it’s an investment in self-care. My own mini morning routine doesn’t happen every day, but I can tell the difference when it does. 

Create a Plan of Attack


This mindful productivity habit is from Black Girl in Om founder Lauren Ash: Rather than trying to do everything everyday, segment to-dos by days of the week. Mondays are for one project, Tuesdays are for another, and so on. Of course it’s important to be fluid, but segmenting energy can make it easier to tackle one project and ward off guilt for not doing enough of another.

Mind Your Business


The operative word being mind. As multifaceted creatures, we can be our best cheerleader or worst enemy. What kind of narratives are you repeating to yourself as you get through your day? Are you being pessimistic or optimistic in your pursuit? Are you being encouraging or critical of your own actions? Listening to affirmations like those by Tracy G., founder of She’s Beauty and The Beast, can help rewire negative self-talk we’ve normalized. It can also free mental blocks that are distracting from the ultimate goal. Tracy calls her work audio vision boards and one of her recent boards is “Now Is The Real MVP,” about breaking up with busyness and rocking with productivity.

Leave a comment, I’d love to know if you have your own mindful productivity habits that work well for you. Will you be trying any of these?

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3 Productivity Habits for Badass Women - AmbitionandMischief.com

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