About Ambition + Mischief

Ambition + Mischief is a space that celebrates personal growth and productivity that starts with self-care. Because when we fully pour into ourselves, we fill everything around us.

About Sam

I’m Sam, a writer and freelance publicist. Ambition + Mischief is a space where I share stories about the triumphs, troubles, and inspirations along my entrepreneurial + creative journey.

Before Ambition + Mischief, I had a grown-up corporate job at a public relations agency in NYC. Like most creatives, I had a hard time compartmentalizing how much energy I was devoting to that job. I was giving too much and yet, hardly felt fulfilled. Then I was laid off.

I used the time off to think about what I wanted next, more of, and what I never wanted to do again. I knew I wanted to travel, fuel my creativity, choose projects that elevated things I believe in, and have energy for the things + people I love. Well, that was definitely not the corporate life.

What came next was uncomfortable because it was new territory. I didn’t know what was ahead. I didn’t know what what my friends, family or old coworkers would think. I didn’t know if it would all work out.

But I did it anyway. I started freelancing as a publicist and investing in my craft as a creative writer. I started investing in myself and what I wanted, instead of what I thought other people wanted me to do.

And here we are. Still werkin’ it.

Traveling. Freelancing. Writing. Living. Loving.

Other Fun Facts: I’m Dominican; I have an amazing man in my life; We have the smartest dog in the world named Bella; I do yoga every Friday but am very moody on Saturday mornings; I was born in Washington Heights, NY, currently live in Jersey City, NJ, have traveled to over 15 countries, and plan to work + play in many more places around the world. For a BTS view, follow me on Instagram @Ambition.Mischief

But What Does This All Mean?

What’s up with the name Ambition + Mischief? Ambition is self-explanatory: I want to do more + make more. I want to win. And I’m not sorry about it. You shouldn’t be either.

But Mischief. It’s that like, a bad thing? Yeah, it is. But only in the best ways. Kind of like Rihanna.

Mischief is technically defined as “playful misbehavior or troublemaking.” But in the context of Ambition + Mischief, it’s mindful rule breaking.

I’m not trying to be a rebel without a cause. I’m a rebel with a very specific cause: to be the best version of myself, on my terms. This means being financially self-sufficient, free from corporate America’s rigid structure. Expressing my femininity as I choose, when I choose. Investing in my physical and mental health without guilt. Being able to travel, work + play where I want, when I want, despite what anyone says I should be doing instead.

We all have an abundant but finite amount of energy. I’m choosing to invest mine very carefully to nurture the people, things + ideas I believe in. Ambition + Mischief is home to the stories of triumph, trouble, and inspiration along this entrepreneurial + creative journey. Feel free to take what’s fitting for you, and leave the rest for someone else.