Friendsgiving 2017 Recap + What I’m Thankful For

I would be well rested, dressed, makeup and hair done, with the music matching my mood and new lipstick: dark + lovely. Everyone would stroll in around 1:15pm as I handed out apple cider mimosas. That’s how the first few minutes of the perfectly-planned Friendsgiving brunch played out in my head. Real life was a little different, per usual.

I texted everyone to show up on time (1pm), not Spanish people time, which usually takes the invite time as a suggestion and adds an hour or two. That helped a little, I guess, because people started trickling in around 1:45. Dios mio.

But I wasn’t mad because, uh um, I was still getting ready anyway. Oops. What happened to well rested, dressed, hair and makeup done? I’m trying really hard to fight racial stereotypes but I. don’t. know.

We did have apple cider mimosas, though. They weren’t pre-prepared or perfectly chilled, but tasted just as good as I had imaged. Once everyone was settled in and well-boozed, that’s when the good stuff started. AKA, we made our way to the food. Before digging into the turkey, which multiple sources agree was:

“The juiciest turkey I’ve ever had”

“The moistest”

“The GOAT”

I don’t make these things up, people. I’m only the messenger.

Anyway, before the turkey, we had a champagne toast. Bae thanked everyone for helping fill our new home with good vibes. Then it was my turn and ugh don’t you ever wish people could read your mind when you consent to it so you don’t have to speak in front of groups of people? Since we’re not there yet, I eventually started speaking. I said something along the lines of, “2017 kinda sucked. Not just for me, but looking around at the people I care about, I feel like collectively, it was a trying year. But I also feel like a new energy is emerging. I see new opportunities springing up for the people I care about. I feel like we’re turning a corner, like all the hard work is paying off. And I just want to see my whole team winning.”

Then I dedicated this song to everyone in attendance and to 2018. Haaaan.

A few hours later (time flies when you’re having fun), we shared what we’re thankful for. Everyone around the room took a turn. First of all, this isn’t something I’ve always done with my own family. I was first introduced to this with Bae’s family and it made me so uncomfortable. Do we have to feel out loud? But I’ve grown to like it, and think it’s important to share the things we don’t always articulate.

So this year, I’m thankful for all the things you’d expect like my family, my health, my home, etc. But I’m feeling especially thankful for my intuition. I’m thankful for that feeling guiding my next move even when nothing else around me makes sense; that internal knowing that’s more supreme than any book, school, or brainy knowledge; that wild instinct woven into my DNA, passed down from generations, just as much a survival tool as the human ability to scream despite no one having taught you. Some things are innate, and I’m thankful.

Other things, however, are very much in our control. Hosting our first Friendsgiving was about taking control – creating our own traditions, taking charge of what we want our life to look like, where we want to invest our time and energy, and intentionally creating positive energy to fill the space we call home.

With Ambition + Mischief,



Those apple cider mimosas though?! What are your favorite traditions and are you working to create new ones of your own?

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  1. You are an inspiration and admirable woman… Keep writing and exploring your inner feeling and let it be known… Friendsgiving awesome … Loved it…

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