June: Midyear + Choosing Resilience

How has half the year already flown by?

Six months is a long time for our perfect New Year plans to go sideways. What we thought was bulletproof was probably tested in one way or another. We’ll continue to be tested the second half of the year, and that’s OK.

No one said being successful meant never confronting challenges.

When we handle unexpected changes, pick ourselves up, and choose to continue moving forward, that’s called resilience.

Resilience isn’t about sticking to a rigid end goal, it’s about being flexible in the process. It’s about choosing to continue forward despite feeling stuck.

This month at Ambition and Mischief, I’ll be sharing stories about the journey to choosing resilience. I’ll also be sharing lists of my favorite books, podcasts and music that inspire me to keep going after an unexpected detour. I hope they inspire you, too.

There are infinite ways “perfect” plans are tested and turned into unfamiliar territory. When they are, staying still can feel safer than moving forward. As long as we’re a little more afraid of complacency than we are of the unknown, we can keep going. We will keep going.

Here’s to choosing resilience.

With Ambition and Mischief,


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  1. Sam you are so intelligent and such a great writer…Keep going forward..Live Love and Laugh…Love you Carolyn

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