Lighting Inspiration From Within: Ash + Syd Candles

This post is part of June’s “Choose Resilience,” a series of posts about continuing forward in the face of uncertainty. 

What comes to mind when you think of summer in New York?

Most people agree it’s a magical time.

The first hints of summer are full of hope and optimism; the city that never sleeps feels more alive than ever. There’s something in the air that’s different from the grungy, fast-paced vibe the rest of the year.

I sat down for a quick coffee break with Dixie, founder of Ash and Syd Candles, to talk about her newest candle that’s fittingly named “New York.” It smells like taking a stroll through Central Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon: a breath of fresh air.

We talked about her journey to starting Ash and Syd, and how choosing to move forward starts from lighting inspiration within.

Why did you start Ash and Syd Candles?

I was always a fan of candles; I filled my home with them. I woke up one morning, opened the shades in the living room and said to myself, “If I love them so much, why don’t I do it?”

So I did.

The first candle I made was fun and therapeutic. Then I ordered more wax to make more candles. That’s when the learning process started: What wicks to use, temperature to pour, how to use essential oils… it’s all a chemistry.

What’s the inspiration behind your newest candle, “New York”?

I used to go to Central Park on Saturdays and watch people rollerblade while house music played in the background. This “New York” candle bottles those old memories for me; floral, upbeat and full of inspiration.

What would you say to someone looking to start something of their own?

You have to believe what you’re doing. Believe in yourself, your idea, and why you’re doing it. It starts from within. If you believe it’s something you can’t live without, that’s when you feel an obligation to share it with others.

You have to choose to start, and then surround yourself with a group of people that will motivate you to keep moving forward.

You can follow the Ash and Syd Candles journey on Instagram @ashluvsyd. Pre-order “New York” by getting in touch at 

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