My Morning Meditation Mantra and What It Means

This post is part of June’s “Choose Resilience,” a series of posts about continuing forward in the face of uncertainty. 

If you read the post on mindful productivity tips from badass women, you’ll already know I’ve recently added meditation to my morning routine. Let’s be honest: some mornings, I still roll out of bed and get straight to my to-do list. But, days that include morning meditation feel more fluid. I don’t feel like I’m chasing my thoughts or the next task. 

Sitting still for meditation makes me realize how busy my mind really is, and how much of a control freak I really am, like:

  • This is taking too long, maybe I didn’t set the alarm?
  • What if my phone turned off and I sit here forever waiting for the alarm to ring but it’s never going to ring?
  • What am I going to eat after this?
  • This would be a cute Instagram picture.

Those were some of my actual thoughts the first few days I was “meditating.” To redirect my thoughts and give my mind something steady to focus on, I added a mantra. I like two word mantras because I can say one word as I breathe in and another as I breathe out.

My Morning Meditation Mantra

My morning meditation mantra right now is “purpose and adventure.” It’s a reminder to trust myself and look for purpose within, not from others; have fun, enjoy the process and remain open to change.  

It’s more than just a phrase to focus on. I’ve realized that how I talk to myself is more important than how others talk to me. So what do I want to say?

Keep going.

With Ambition and Mischief,


Do you have your own mantras or affirmations?  Let me know in the comments!


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